Our Mission

To Reach the Remaining Unengaged and Unreached Peoples of the World

24:14 Ministries International is working to fulfill the Great Commission among people groups that have yet to hear the saving message of Jesus Christ.

Our global priorities focus on the regions with the largest concentrations of unengaged  people groups. To this end, we work to recruit, train, and send church planting teams to live among those we are trying to reach.

Who are the Unengaged?

A people group with no viable, sustainable Gospel witness in their midst; having no church, no workers—period.

Our Focus

There are still places in the world where Jesus is not known—entire regions where men and women have yet to meet a follower of Christ.

24:14 Ministries International is helping bring the Good News to people groups who, up to now, have been beyond the reach of the Gospel.

By focusing on the regions with the highest concentrations of unengaged people groups, we’re helping complete the Great Commission. In some areas, workers with 24:14 Ministries International are witnessing reproducing movements to Jesus. Whole communities are being transformed by the Gospel as people come to follow Christ.

Personnel with 24:14 Ministries Int'l solely depend on donations for support. Please consider a donation to help us continue to reach the unengaged and unreached

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