About Iran


An independent monarchy for more than 2,500 years, Iran (previously known as Persia) is a strategic middle eastern nation.

With over 65 distinct ethnic groups, Iran is ethnically complex. Many of the minority groups strongly defend their independence and seek autonomy in local affairs. Some (like the Kurds, the Bakhtiari and the Baluch), have even demanded (without success),

About 99% of all Iranians are Muslims, 87% being Shiite. Iran is the world’s center of Shiite Islam, and it is the official state religion. Most of the ethnic minorities, however, including Kurds, Baluchi, Turks, and Arabs, are Sunni Muslims.

Quick facts
  • Population: 83 million people
  • Approximately 98% Muslim
  • 47 unreached people groups, with 25 of these people groups unengaged
  • 45 different languages spoken in the country

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